Package: ads

Audio Development System
Description: A full featured Music Recording Program
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2002 GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
Author: Robert Hanna

Audio Devlopment System (ADS) is a multi track audio/midi recording/playback program written in the Java(c)
Programming Language. The overall goal is to create a cross platform music development tool that allows users to create
and edit music using a full graphical user interface.

The program has 3 main windows. The main window contains the transport(Record,Playback, Fast Forward,Rewind and Stop buttons),
and the Tempo, Key, Punch In, Punh Out controls and displays. The mixer console window looks like a typical recording
mixer with volume faders, EQ faders,level meters and record, solo and mute buttons. The last major window displays the
tracks and waveform graphs as well as a set of Record, Solo, and Mute buttons on each track. New windows will be created as
nessesary. The Audio caputre, playback and wave display are an adaption of the Java Sound Demo CapturePlay source code
which is covered under the Sun Public Licence. The notice and code will remain intact until new code can be written. I only
include this code for 'Proof of concept' and testing purposes.

-Allow mutitrack audio recording/playback
-Allow 'Acid' style loop based recording/editing
-Allow Midi recording/playback/editing
-Create a progammable Synthesizer that can be used in a loop recorder
-Explore the posibility of creating java based effects(reverb, echo, etc.) or using existing effects
-Export files to other audio formats

- The GUI is basically done
- Records in stereo
- Playback of multiple audio tracks
- Save audio to disk in 44.1k 16bit stereo wav fromat
- The mixer console does nothing and the controls need to be tied in the thier respective funtions.
- The Main transport Record, Play and Stop buttons function, but the rest of the main window needs implementation.
- The Tracks window Record button and wave graph work, but the rest of the window needs implementation.
- Only tested on a AMD1.4 w/ 512M ram running Windows XP.