Audio Development System


Audio Devlopment System (ADS) is a multi track audio/midi recording/playback program written in the Java(c) Programming Language. The overall goal is to create a cross platform music development tool that allows users to create and edit music using a full graphical user interface.

The program has 3 main windows. The main window contains the transport(Record,Playback, Fast Forward,Rewind and Stop buttons), and the Tempo, Key, Punch In, Punh Out controls and displays. The mixer console window looks like a typical recording mixer with volume faders, EQ faders,level meters and record, solo and mute buttons. The last major window displays the tracks and waveform graphs as well as a set of Record, Solo, and Mute buttons on each track. New windows will be created as nessesary.

-Allow mutitrack audio recording/playback
-Allow 'Acid' style loop based recording/editing
-Allow Midi recording/playback/editing
-Create a progammable Synthesizer that can be used in a loop recorder
-Explore the posibility of creating java based effects(reverb, echo, etc.) or using existing effects
-Export files to other audio formats

- The GUI is basically done
- Records in stereo
- Playback of multiple audio tracks
- Save audio to disk in 44.1k 16bit stereo wav fromat
- The mixer console does nothing and the controls need to be tied in the thier respective funtions.
- The Main transport Record, Play and Stop buttons function, but the rest of the main window needs implementation.
- The Tracks window Record button and wave graph work, but the rest of the window needs implementation.
- Only tested on a AMD1.4 w/ 512M ram running Windows XP.

The Java Sound API is incomplete in java 1.4 so alot of my goals are not yet possible. However I have a working
program and tried to create it to easily take advantage of future APIs. I believe that multimedia applications
are important to java as they tend to be data intensive and push the platform.

Alot of work is needed and I could use help. Since this is my first open source project I am clueless about
Source Forge,CVS,builds and probably alot of other stuff. I feel this is a good way to learn about programming
in the large and being part of a team.

Robert Hanna